Mocha Spice Strawberries

An easy healthy dessert recipe

Mocha Spice Strawberries superfood dessert

A luscious and healthy dessert that is full of goodness yet low in calories

Once seen as a villain, coffee is now increasingly recognized as having many health benefits. This extremely simple and quick dessert uses coffee and five other superfoods to make a yummy and sophisticated dish that will take pride of place in your super healthy dinner recipes collection.

One serving of mocha spice strawberries, using the ingredients listed in the recipe below, comes in at a mere 169 calories, yet it is bursting with antioxidants as well as providing 15 g of protein, 13% of recommended daily calcium, 150% of recommended daily vitamin C, and a useful 4 g of fiber.

Feel free to adjust the quantities of the ingredients listed in the recipe below to suit your own taste and dietary preferences. Using full-fat yogurt will make for a lusher dish, but obviously will increase the calorie count.

I prefer less sweet desserts, If you like them sweeter, you may wish to double the quantity of honey. If you want to reduce the carbohydrate and calorie content, you can substitute stevia or another sweetener of your choice.

Likewise, I aimed for a balance in which coffee was the dominant flavor. If you prefer a more chocolaty taste, you may wish to tweak the quantity of coffee and cocoa

Raspberries or blueberries are excellent alternatives to strawberries in this dish, with equal health benefits, or try a mixture of all three.

The recipe follows below. If you are curious why these six substances are superfoods and how they are good for you, I’ve covered that topic in my next post.

Basic nutritional data

These values apply to one serving of the recipe made using the ingredients below.
Calories = 169, Protein = 15 g, Carbohydrate = 22 g, Fat = 1 g, Fiber = 4 g, Sodium = 0.025 g, Calcium = 130 mg, Vitamin C = 90 mg

Stock up on extra-healthy ingredients

Of course, standard cocoa powder, cinnamon powder and honey work just fine in this dish. However, here are some recommendations if you want to maximize its potential health benefits.

When buying cinnamon, make sure it is genuine Ceylon cinnamon and not cassia. Some sellers pass off cassia as cinnamon. However cassia contains much higher levels of a substance called coumarin which can cause liver and kidney damage.



All honey is healthy, but raw Manuka honey has guaranteed levels of some of the components that are most valuable for health.


To boost antioxidant content to the maximum, use raw cacao powder in place of standard cocoa powder.

Mocha Spice Strawberries by
  • Mocha Spice Strawberries
  • Six superfoods come together into a dessert that is well under 200 calories a portion.
Servings Prep Time
2 servings 15 minutes


Servings: servings


  1. Prepare the cinnamon-mocha mix: Place the instant coffee, cocoa, cinnamon powder and honey in a small dish, cup or other container (I used an individual serving ramekin dish). Pour over a small quantity of boiling water, just enough to allow everything to dissolve. Stir with a small spoon until the ingredients are dissolved. Leave the mixture to cool while you prepare the strawberries and yogurt.
  2. Flavor the yogurt with the mocha mix: For a really thick, creamy topping, drain any liquid that has separated from the yogurt. Place the yogurt in a bowl, add the dissolved ingredients from the previous stage and mix with a spoon until everything is combined.
  3. Assemble your healthy superfood dessert: Wash and hull the strawberries and cut each one in half. Cut a few thinner slices from the strawberries and set aside to use as garnish. Place strawberries in individual serving dishes. Top with the flavored yogurt and decorate with the strawberry slices.

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