Honey and cinnamon for weight loss – the facts

Benefits of cinnamon and honey proved by science

Claims that consuming these substances helps weight loss might sound faddish, but they are in fact supported by scientific research. The beneficial effects of these tasty foods target the phenomenon of insulin resistance and the condition called metabolic syndrome that are caused by obesity and help sabotage slimming campaigns. Read on to find out what scientists have discovered and how this knowledge could help you slim, as well as to find out more about insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Cinnamon and honey help weight loss

Honey and cinnamon have been proven to fight the worst effects of obesity and help to take off the pounds.
Image: K Williams, all rights reserved.

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Exercise and weight loss after menopause

Regular exercise is a good New Year resolution

A study carried out in 1997 at the University of Colorado shows that exercise can play a vital part in achieving and maintaining weight loss during and after the menopause. Therefore, making resolution, whether for the New Year or at any other time, to keep up a program of regular exercise is a valuable contribution to keeping post-menopausal weight gain at bay.

Resolve to exercise and lose weight after menopause

This postcard from 1909 sums up the fate of many New Year resolutions. However, if you keep one, make it the one to exercise regularly.
(Public domain image: the publication date means any copyright has expired.)

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