My top Slimming World recipe books

I used the Slimming World program successfully for my first really big weight loss campaign nearly twenty years ago. Since then, I have continued to use Slimming World recipes a lot, because they fit in well with a healthy, low-fat approach to eating. Over the years, I have collected a number of Slimming World cookbooks. I want to share with you my three best Slimming World recipe books.

All these books include a general explanation of the Slimming World diet. They also have a week-long diet plan, which includes recipes from the book. This means you can try out the diet without any prior knowledge of how it is used.

I’ve linked the book titles to the pages showing these books on the fabulous site The Book Depository. I do most of my book buying there because they offer fantastic discounts. They also send out books worldwide without charging extra shipping costs. For those who prefer Amazon, at the end of each description I’ve also given links to the books on the US and UK sites.

Slimming World’s Curry Feast

I love Indian food, but know that Indian takeaway food can be very dangerous for the waistline. The 120 recipes in this book taste really authentic and yet follow Slimming World diet principles. They were created by Sunil Vijayakar, who grew up in Mumbai, India. There are even Slimming World-friendly recipes for onion bhajis, vegetable samosas and the ever popular Chicken Tikka Masala, all of which might otherwise be considered no-nos on any diet!

When I bought the book, I was delighted to find it includes a whole chapter on fish and seafood. Although prawn dishes are commonly found in restaurants and takeaway places, fish curries appear much less frequently. My favourite recipe comes from this section: Hara Jhinga Masala. This is a masala paste made of fresh coriander, mint, green chilli, ginger and garlic, together with cumin seeds, coriander seeds and lime juice. Although the recipe features king prawns, Sunil suggests using it with firm white fish as well. I do, very often, because it is delicious.

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Slimming World Free Foods

The Slimming World diet includes the concept of free foods. These foods can be eaten in unlimited quantities. Most fruit and vegetables come into this group, as do eggs, very low fat dairy products, quorn and tofu. Other free foods vary depending on whether the choice that day is to follow a diet based more on meat, poultry and fish or one based more on pulses and grains.

The Slimming World Free Foods recipe book features recipes which use only free foods on one of the plans, and some using foods which are free on both plans. This means any of these dishes can be enjoyed without using up any of the daily allowance of non-free foods that is included in the Slimming World diet system. If you are saving up syns for a night out, or have used up all your syns and healthy extras for the day, you can still make yourself some filling and tasty food!

Fancy some noodles, Italian pasta or paella? You will find recipes for them here. Smoked trout parcels garnished with caviar make a wonderful starter for a special dinner. When I prepare these, none of my guests ever guess that this is actually “diet food”.

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Slimming World Fast Food

I like cooking when I have time, but time is becoming ever more precious as life gets increasingly frantic in this modern world. This is why the Slimming World Fast Food cook book has become a firm friend. Each of these 120 recipes needs less than 30 minutes preparation.

Quick recipes do not have to be dull. I love the colourful watermelon salad with feta dressing! It looks stunning and tastes delicious. When I want comfort food, the chilli and butternut squash risotto hits the spot. For sheer indulgence, I go to the mocha amaretto mousse or summer berry cheesecake.

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