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Yoga for menopause and weight loss (with videos) Part 2

Five asanas to relieve menopause symptoms and help weight loss In addition to the Salutation to the Sun described in the previous post, here are 5 more yoga asanas, which will help anyone struggling with the menopause or wishing to use yoga to help burn fat and lose inches.

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Yoga for menopause and weight loss (with video) Part 1

Yoga is fantastic for slimming Yoga is a fantastic method of exercise for weight loss and can be highly beneficial during menopause. It is ideal if you prefer a gentle, meditative approach rather than high-octane gym routines. The essential aim of Yoga is to bring the whole body into balance. Different asanas (postures) target different …

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Nordic walking for post-menopausal weight loss and fitness

Nordic walking weight loss fitness older women

Nordic walking, which uses specially designed walking poles, is a fantastic, low-impact way to lose weight and keep fit and is particularly appropriate for people who find strenuous exercise methods difficult or for whom such methods are not advisable. Read on to find out results of research on how it can benefit you and learn  what you need to …

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Exercise and weight loss after menopause


Regular exercise is a good New Year resolution A study carried out in 1997 at the University of Colorado shows that exercise can play a vital part in achieving and maintaining weight loss during and after the menopause. Therefore, making resolution, whether for the New Year or at any other time, to keep up a program …

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